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The Austin Music Awards
In a city where outstanding concerts, legendary nightclub shows and important music festivals are actually common, The Austin Music Awards show stands out as an outstanding premier event. The duration of the show of over 35 years is unmatched by any other local music events except for KLRU’s Austin City Limits program which debuted in 1975. The Austin Music Awards and the Austin Music Industry Awards primary goals are to support and promote Austin music by recognizing and awarding the devoted people and businesses that work together to maintain Austin’s music scene. In their effort they have not just preserved the scene but improved the quality thus maintaining its international reputation. Over the years not just the winners but the astonishing range of music acts that have played to show position it as an even worthy of national and international attention.
The Texas Musical Film Archive
The Lone Star State creates maverick visionaries. In music, in film, in words, in art, in life. The music is of the culture. The films document the culture. But are also art. So many tributaries come rushing together - current musicians, music history, current filmmakers, Texas’ film history, comic book and poster artists.